2018 Temperature Scarf

2018 temperature scarf

It’s finished! January 2018 is on the left and the end of December 2018 is on the right. As you can see, it was significantly warmer at the end of this year than the beginning.

A reminder: I made my temperature scarf by crocheting one row a day, the color of which was determined by the high temperature of the day as recorded at the Raleigh-Durham airport. Here are the colors I chose for this year:

100° – 109°F ? Yay!  We didn’t have any days where the high was over 100°
90° – 99°F Salmon
80° – 89°F Light Pink
70° – 79°F Light Green
60° – 69°F Aqua
50° – 59°F Dark Blue
40° – 49°F Light Purple
30° – 39°F Dark Purple
20°F and below Black

Dividing line between months: Off White

Unfortunately, it is a little hard to tell the off white from the pink at a distance. Live and learn.

I used the moss stitch for this scarf which gives it a nice texture and makes it easy to count rows.

The scarf is about 6 inches wide, and (depending on how much you stretch it when you’re measuring) it’s about 8 foot 4 inches long. Warm and cozy! (But no rival to the 20 foot plus sized scarf worn by the Fourth Doctor!)



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