My Temperature Scarf – Halfway through 2018

temperature scarf
January – June going from left to right

Here’s an update on my temperature scarf.  A reminder: the temperature scarf is made by crocheting one row a day, the color of which is determined by the high temperature of the day, as recorded at the Raleigh-Durham airport. Here are the colors I chose for this year:

100° – 109°F               ?
90° – 99°F                   Salmon
80° – 89°F                   Light Pink
70° – 79°F                   Light Green
60° – 69°F                   Aqua
50° – 59°F                   Dark Blue
40° – 49°F                   Light Purple
30° – 39°F                   Dark Purple
20°F and below         Black

Dividing line between months: Off White

I changed some of the colors from last year’s temperature afghan. I really like the light pink and salmon for the summer, but I haven’t chosen a color for 100° highs. Red will clash, I think.  Maybe we won’t have any 100° days? (I can hope, can’t I?)

I chose off white for the rows separating the months. Unfortunately, it is harder to tell the off white from the pink at a distance. Live and learn.

I am using the moss stitch for this scarf which gives it a nice texture and makes it easy to count rows.

The scarf is about 6 inches wide, and by June 30th it is already 44 ½ inches long. It will be pretty long when it’s done, but will still be significantly shorter than the fourth Doctor’s.

In this photo, the scarf looks a little like some kind of centipede. That’s because I decided not to weave in the ends, but rather leave them as a fringe along the side. One of my children commented that if I didn’t like the fringe, then next year instead of doing a new temperature afghan, I could just weave in one end every day for a year…


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