My 2018 Temperature Scarf – January

My 2018 Temperature Scarf – January

After spending a year crocheting one row daily on my My Temperature Afghan, I started 2018 with two contradictory feelings:

  1. Relief that I didn’t have to crochet any more afghan rows.
  2. Regret that I wasn’t crocheting any more afghan rows. (I missed the daily ritual.)

So I decided to start a “temperature scarf” for 2018. With only about 26 stitches it takes almost no time to do a row and it’s easy to catch up when I get behind. I decided to use a moss stitch to change things up a bit.

The color yarn I use for each day is determined by the high temperature for the day as recorded at RDU airport.

I started with a similar color plan to my afghan with a few changes. I might change some more before the warmer temperatures come in spring. This is the plan so far:

100° – 109°F               Red
90° – 99°F                   Orange
80° – 89°F                   Yellow
70° – 79°F                   Light Green
60° – 69°F                   Aqua
50° – 59°F                   Dark Blue
40° – 49°F                   Light Purple
30° – 39°F                   Dark Purple
20°F and below         Black

In the photo below I used brown to separate the months, but I think I’m going to go back and change that to white or cream.

As you can see, I haven’t weaved in the ends. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. Make a fringe? Thread beads on them? Bite the bullet and weave them all in? I’ve got time…

Smaller temperature scarf


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