Explanation of Blog Hiatus

Explanation about my blog’s hiatus

This is an apology to myself and an explanation to my imaginary readers about why it has been so long since I’ve added a new chapter. I was so glad I kept up my schedule of posting a chapter a week and I was so close to finishing!  But life happened and slowed things down.

I got a breast cancer diagnosis in late October. Although my particular kind of cancer is very curable, theoretically one would think that a cancer diagnosis would get one to think more about mortality. It would spur one on to complete unfinished activities. Right?

Instead, chemo has left me feeling unambitious and unfocussed. I’ve been using the energy I do have to do tasks around the house and prepare for the holidays.

I do have an outline for the last few chapters, but I still need to try to improve the pacing and fix a few problems. Hopefully I’ll be back after the new year.

Until then, Happy Holidays!


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