Cats and Quotes Part 6

Not much this Monday, as this series is winding down.

I wanted to make some gif’s, but to be honest, I don’t much like gif’s. Anyway, I asked one of my kids to make me some gif’s of these, but they are not ready yet, so I’m posting the stills instead.

didn't think

I was trying to be so careful lifting Jackie off the puzzle.  It did not end well. Imagine Jackie whirling like the cartoon Tasmanian devil in that third shot.



Cats know better than dogs about letting the caravan pass on…

This is the set of photos I most want as a gif, since the silent movement of the large boat past the window is less obvious in the stills.

be prepared 3.jpg

I decided to stick with the scout theme for this quote.

Thanks for the short visit this Monday!



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