Crochet Plarn: Bag Holder

I’m trying to make Wednesdays the day to post a craft idea for as long as I can keep it going.

A Bag Made of Grocery Bags to Hold Grocery Bags


Background info:  Plarn

Copious information is available on the internet for how to make “plarn” (“ plastic yarn”) from plastic grocery bags.  In addition, lots of good patterns are available, both free and for sale, on the internet for making things from plarn.

My first plarn project was a large mat, which I gave away to a charity.

Then I made two tote bags from a pattern I found on the web and gave them away as Christmas presents.

Finally I decided to make something for myself and decided what I needed was one of those bags that holds grocery bags—the type that is designed to put grocery bags in at the top and pull them out like tissues from the bottom.

My Plarn Grocery Bag Holder

Chances are, if you crochet and know how to make plarn, you can make this grocery bag holder from the photo with no instructions from me.  I post this photo as inspiration for your own design.

Nevertheless, here is how I made it:

I started with 36 chains that I joined into a ring.

Row 1: Chain (ch) 4 [counts as first dc and ch1], *skip one chain, double crochet (dc) in next chain, ch 1, repeat from * to the end and slip stitch final ch to top of first dc. (16 dc and 16 ch 1 spaces).

Remaining Rows:  Dc in each dc and each ch 1 space all the way around (32 dc). I continued around in a spiral, not joining at the end of the rows until it was the size I wanted.

Finally, take a length of plarn for a drawstring and weave it through the dc’s of the beginning row to cinch the bottom end.

I hung my bag on a hook between two of the dc in the top row, and now that side has stretched.  My bag was approximately 6 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall, although the side by the hanger has stretched a couple inches longer.

The picture on the left shows the bag newly made in March 2014. The picture on the right taken in March 2017 shows the bag stretched a bit over the years.


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