Crochet Gamepieces


The following crochet designs I offer as inspiration for your own creations.

Mostly, I buy crochet patterns because I want to see what the result will look like before I start.  But from time to time I have made my own patterns, a few of which I share below. The pictures will hopefully help you decide whether you want to make something like them or not.

I did not make detailed instructions on how to make these, but I will provide some guidance if you want to make your own.

Scrabble Piece Coasters

Coaster2        Coaster1

These are two sides of the same coaster.  I have found that crocheted coasters work best if you have at least two thicknesses of crochet.

I made these with regular acrylic yarn, tan and black.  Using the afghan stitch, I made a rectangle of about 11 rows of 14 stitches per row. Then I did single crochet (sc) around the four edges working about 3 sc in each corner.  Adjust the number of stitches and rows to get the size you want.

I cross stitched the letters and point values on top with black yarn.  As you can see, the point value numbers didn’t come out great, so delete them if you want or maybe try thinner yarn.

After making two pieces, I put them back to back and crocheted them together using sc’s through the inner loops of the existing sc’s.

Finally, I stitched the black border between the sc rows going through both thicknesses. My coaster came out to about 4 ½ in. x 4¾ in.  I have used it and washed it with no problems.

Othello/Reversi Coaster

Othello coaster


This is another two sided coaster designed to look like the pieces to the board game Othello, also sometimes called Reversi.

I made these with cotton yarn and their final size is about 4 ½ in. diameter.

I worked these circles with 5 circular rows. I ended each row by using a slip stitch to join the last stitch to the first.  I started each single crochet (sc) row with 2 chains (ch) for the first sc and continued with regular sc’s.  I started each double crochet (dc) row with 3 ch for the first dc and continued with regular dc’s.

Row 1: 9 sc in a magic circle.

Row 2: 2 dc in each sc (18 dc).

Row 3: 2 dc in each dc (36 dc).

Row 4: Alternate 1 dc in dc, 2 dc in dc around. (54 dc).

Row 5: Sc in each dc (54 sc). Fasten off.

After making one white circle and one black circle, I sewed them together with strong white thread. I worked it through the back lower loops of the sc stitches and the thread doesn’t show anywhere.

Tic-Tac-Toe Hot Pad


I haven’t decided whether I want to sew these together to make one thick hot pad or to keep them separate as two.  The hot pads shown are about 8¼ in. square.

To make these checkerboard patterns, I had 2 skeins of black cotton yarn and two skeins of white cotton yarn so that when I was crocheting a row, I dropped, but didn’t cut, the yarn as I moved from one color to the next.  Then I picked it up again when I crocheted back on the next row.

I started the hot pad (shown on the left) with ch 28 with white. Then I crocheted 9 sc, starting in the second chain from the hook. I dropped the white and picked up the black for 9 more sc. Then I dropped the black and picked up the second skein of white for the last 9 sc. At the end of the row, chain 1, turn the piece and continue in the same way.

After I had crocheted enough rows to make the first row of squares, I switched the colors and continued as shown.

Although not very practical, I made a few tic-tac-toe markers by crocheting the first two rows of half of the Othello coaster and fastening off. (i.e., 9 sc in a magic circle; 2 dc in each sc; fasten off).



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