Cats and Quotes


When we first brought our two kittens home, they felt safer cuddling in the (clean) waste basket than in their box.


Ajax, the blue point Siamese, is an explorer, but Jackie Chan, the seal point Siamese, is a hider.  The first thing he did at our house was to hide under the entertainment center.

Man and Nature copy

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for both kittens to feel right at home with us.

Burden copy

Golden Age copy

Children copy

Do Scary things

Energy Normal


It took the kittens several months to discover the pet parakeet.  They were so excited–“We have a BIRD!?”–that we had to move the parakeet’s cage to higher and higher ground.

Failure and Success

We no longer have a parakeet (no, the cats did not get her, she died of natural causes), but the cats enjoy watching the outdoor birds now.


Ajax and Jackie are indoor cats, but when Jackie sneaked out one day, he was excited to visit the spot he often gazed at with longing from the window.  He is probably wondering where all the birds and squirrels have gone, but he’s willing to wait.

Success and Ignorance


Hope you enjoyed this little visit with our cats.  I’ll add more photos in another post next week.


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