Word Puzzle: Hidden Words (“Bird Watching”)

Bird Watching

Ignore punctuation and spaces between words to find 24 bird names hidden in the text below.  Example:  the phrase “for he also was ducking” yields “rhea” and “duck.”  Some bird names might go past line breaks.  Page 2 lists the letter counts for the bird names as an extra clue.  Page 3 has the answers.  Happy bird watching!

Under New Management

I always wanted to own a modern, chic, kennel where pets would feel almost rich when their owners had to leave them for a while.  Yet I couldn’t help but feel regret on my first day taking over management of “Pets Vacationland” (sic) on Rover Avenue. I didn’t even notice the lack of an apostrophe as ants were crawling all over the sign.  Inside, I saw dark rooms, dirty floors, anxious pets wanting more attention and goo seeping through pipes in the wall.   Hearing squeaks in the next room, I hurried in to see open guinea pig cages and the little rodents running all around.  One guinea pig was, after the fracas, so wary of me that he jumped in a bucket of water not realizing it was full!

For a moment I closed my eyes and imagined myself off in Charleston on vacation, the sea gleaming in the dawn and the sandbar now lit with reflections from a hundred shells.

I shook myself and vowed to make this kennel more successful than if an obsessively efficient exec ran everything.  First, I needed to whip poor William, the cleaning boy, into shape.  No longer would we rob innocent animals of a clean living space.  I planned to paint the walls, ceilings, doors, and pipe running along the walls a color scheme of khaki, winter white, and russet brown.  I also urgently needed to revise the menu that cheated the animals of proper nutrients.

With awkward but constant progress we improved every corner of the kennel. Finally I wrote “hello” on the door, hung a safety placard in all the rooms, and opened the now renamed “Creature Cabin” to a crowd of happy pets and their owners.


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