Brainteasers: A Capital Decision

A Capital Decision – Part I

President Broadbrush was elected because of his promise to bring innovation, simplicity and change to the nation, although his detractors accused him of being a radical with tunnel vision.

On his first day in office, President Broadbrush gave his chief of staff, Ms. Mae B. Knott, a map of the United States with new state lines hand marked on it.  “I want the state lines changed,” he said shortly.  “Make it so.”

Flabbergasted, Ms. Knott could hardly speak.  “But why?”

The president snorted, “If you can’t tell the reasoning by looking at this map, you may not be smart enough to be my chief of staff!”

Ms. Knott stiffened, “Of course I see your reasoning, “she snapped back.  “It’s just more suited to horse and buggy days!”

Can you tell the reasoning behind President Broadbrush’s changes?


The answer is on page 2.

A Capital Decision—Part 2 is on page 3


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