Word Puzzle: Accidental Compound Words


One of my children and I used to make up these puzzle sentences for each other, and I eventually gathered them all together in one place.  Some are more clever than others, but they all follow the rules.

I was planning to post this puzzle to practice using spoiler tags, but it looks like this free version of wordpress doesn’t support that.  Instead, I’ll post the answers on pages 2 and 3, but you probably won’t want to peek until you’ve tried them all so you don’t spoil other puzzle sentences.

Accidental Compound Words

Compound words are made of two or more words that form a new word related to its parts, such as toothbrush (a brush for your teeth) and fingernail (the nail on your finger).  Accidental compound words are not really compound words but can be divided up into words that have no relation at all to the original word.  For example, yellow is “yell” and “ow” and toaster is “to” and “aster”.

Each sentence below contains two or three words that, when written together, form an accidental compound word, whose definition is also included in the sentence.  For example, in the sentence “Who can use a drill better:  a baboon or a man?” the words  “man” and “drill” put together make “mandrill” which is defined as “baboon.”

If you are clever enough to discover all the words, it will be no accident!

Set 1:

  1. The witches’ coven took a solemn promise to change their mascot from a cat to an ant.
  2. I owed the manager of Winn Dixie a favor because he separated the good items from the bad.
  3. We put the carp into the pool before we let the deck builder enter the garden.
  4. The kids flushed a Bing cherry and a Japanese plum into the sewer.
  5. When given a choice, I always opt for the very best mums at the garden center.
  6. In a rage, he entered the bar and gave rapid-fire insults to everyone in the room.
  7. Go and stop that man from stealing the tropical fruit!
  8. Look for a man with a tan hat in New York City.
  9. The prize of a goose down quilt was hers for accomplishing the difficult feat of strength.
  10. A golf tee dropped in the water by the maintenance man was swallowed by a sea cow.
  11. I told my son the sea was rough in winter.
  12. We built a roof over the red boat in the cove.
  13. He puts a clot of butter on the bread, spins around, and fastens the bread bag with wooden clips.
  14. She sat by a Grecian urn decorated with images of the god Cronus.
  15. At the docks I tested a vinegar solution to see if it would mar the finish in fiberglass hulls.
  16. I know my instructions are hard to remember, but I need you to get a table for dinner.
  17. I wish Al would sever ties with some of his former friends.
  18. After a rest we will resume art class.

Set 2

  1. Ow! Don’t yell in my ear; I have a gold earring on.
  2. Out of all the numbers, ten is my favorite. I write it a lot.
  3. He banged his noggin on the wall trying to think of a better ad campaign.
  4. The gates are made of a hundred colorful striped stones.
  5. The timer went “ding” just as I finished tying up the boxes for the storage bin.
  6. “I am going to offer a ram for sacrifice,” said Moses’s father.
  7. I will be glad to write low under the opposite, high.
  8. Ow! The wind blew the sash down on my finger!
  9. Is there anything else you want to say or do before going through the entrance?
  10. Ken’s chic new suit contrasted sharply with the poultry farmer’s shabby overalls.
  11. If he hadn’t been so busy finding a place for his car, he would have seen the king of golf get two under par on the first hole.
  12. Zing Zing went the free rabbit in cold weather.
  13. Please let it be so that a group of men are coming to fix my house.
  14. Why come to my house? I cannot read big old books; oh no not me.
  15. Hi, my name is Ann, my story starts long ago, way back to the Neanderthals, and it comes up to now.
  16. Someone please get me a cab, I forgot to pay the tax on my car.
  17. He is very good at drawing love symbols; he says it is an art.
  18. I get people to learn how to sell tea and they pay me a lot for it so the cash registers in my head are going ching ching.
  19. As I descend down into the realm of the ants I can hear in my head the screams of future generations.

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