My 2017 Temperature Afghan-January

A friend of mine posted on facebook about doing a temperature afghan, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do as well as a colorful way to use up some of my leftover yarn.  Every evening I crochet one row and choose the color based on the temperature that day.

I got some guidance and inspiration from  the crochet crowd.  Nevertheless, I had a lot of choices to make.

For temperature readings, I decided to base my afghan on the high temperature recorded at RDU as reported on the weather underground website.

I made my color thermometer simple and based it on yarn I already had:

Over 109° F                 White
100° – 109°F               Red
90° – 99°F                   Orange
80° – 89°F                    Yellow
70° – 79°F                   Light Green
60° – 69°F                   Aqua
50° – 59°F                    Dark Blue
40° – 49°F                   Purple
Below 40°F                 Black

At first, I thought we wouldn’t have many days where the high was below 40°F, so I initially planned purple to be 49°F and below.  Then we headed into a cold spell early in January where the high temperature was below 40°F  and even below 30°F for several days, so I decided to add the black.  Yes, this southern town had too much snow and ice for me to run out and buy a darker purple by the time I decided to add another color. For balance, I guess, I added white to the top of the thermometer, but I sincerely hope we don’t have any days this year when the temperature rises above 110°F.

I am doing single crochet with a K size hook and started with 108 chain stitches.  After January, my afghan measures 54 inches by 7 ¼ inches.  By the end of the year, it should be 87 inches long.

In the picture below, January 1st is at the bottom and the month proceeds upwards.





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